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About us

Our live box breaks happen every day as long as we are sold out on a break or we have a personal box order. You can view all live box breaks on Youtube (search Gator Box Breaks) and All random teams on random breaks will be selected on a few minutes before each break. Missed your live break? Don't worry, all breaks will be uploaded to my YouTube channel at GatorBox Breaks. Pretty easy huh?!? Let me know if you have any questions.


All breaks will be competitively priced and I always offer FREE shipping to the continental US. I do ship worldwide. I will provide you the global shipping price after the break as it depends on the weight of the cards. 

Hierarchy of Cards

*       Cards will go to the team name printed on the card.

*       Multiple Team Cards - No Majority Rule. All teams will be put in Random. If you have a team on the multi team card, you have a chance. 

     If multiple teams are listed for the same player (Ex: Peyton Manning Colts/Broncos card), both teams will go in random. 

*       If the player is retired, we will first use the team printed on the card, and/or the jersey they are wearing.

*      If they are shown in their college uniform or no uniform at all, we will use the team they played for last. 

*       If we encounter an issue where the team is no longer in existence, then we will use the team that currently resides in that city.  If that is not available, we will link the team to the franchise in another city, and if that is not available we will use the last team they played for or