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Random Mystery Soccer Packs!

Every purchase gets you 1 random mystery pack from the list below. Once the purchase is made, I will go live on Youtube/, and random all of the packs available using either or a wheel spin. The top spot after the random is complete, or the results from the wheel spin will be the pack you get.

SHIPPING: US shipping is included if you spend $25 or more on pack purchases. Otherwise, shipping is an extra $4. Standard international rates apply.


These are all random packs from various boxes that I currently have in stock. Some packs are from brand new sealed boxes and some packs are leftover packs from boxes where the auto/hits have been pulled from the box. I will replenish the pack list with whatever I have available in my inventory. The list will be updated as packs are sold.

I will do my absolute best to keep the list updated. If for some reason that a pack is not available/out of stock, if it is selected during the random, then i will remove that pack from the list and rerun the randomizer.

This is a fun way to land some high-end packs for a great price.

*Picture of packs in the listing is not always what is available and is subject to change at any time. The list of packs below will be much more accurate so you can see what is available during the random but is also subject to change at any time.

LIST OF PACKS: (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) *Packs in bold are the chasers

2016-17 Panini Foot Sticker Pack (Mbappe RC)

18/19 Donruss Fat pack (Star RC's like Foden,Davies,Sancho,Vinicius Jr, etc.)

20/21 EPL Prizm Hobby

20/21 Mosaic Euro Hobby

2020 Select Euro H2

2020 Select Euro Hobby

20/21 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Hobby

20/21 Topps Chrome Champions League Hobby

18/19 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Hobby

2021 Topps Chrome MLS Hobby

20/21 Topps Finest Bundesliga Hobby

2021 Topps MLS Hobby

20/21 Topps Match Attax 101

20/21 Topps Chrome Match Attax

21/22 Topps Bundesliga Hobby

19/20 Megacracks (Fati RC)

20/21 Megacracks (Pedri RC)

2021 Topps Match Attax Chrome Bundesliga

2018 World Cup Prizm Fat Pack (Mbappe)

19/20 Chronicles Cello Pack (Fati, Vlahovic RC)

20/21 Chronicles Cello Pack

20/21 Topps Bundesliga Parallel pack(1 card)

19/20 Topps Crystal(Haaland RC)

20/21 Topps Merlin Chrome Hobby 

2021 Topps Chrome Aoki Neon Future

20/21 Topps Chrome Sapphire Bundesliga (Jude, Wirtz RC)

2016 Donruss Hobby (Pulisic RC)

11/12 Adrenalyn Champions League

2022 Topps MLS Hobby

19/20 Finest Champions League Hobby (Haaland RC)

21/22 Topps Champions League Hobby

21/22 Topps Chrome CL Lite

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