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2016 Flawless Soccer 1st Briefcase Pick Your Country Break Case #16(Luis Suarez PSA/DAN Auto Photo Giveaway Promo)

  • $ 20000

PROMO: Luis Suarez PSA/DNA Autographed photo

Configuration: 2 boxes/1 pack/10 cards


  • (2) Jewel Cards
  • (2) Memorabilia Cards
  • (6) Autographs


  • The collection will include a wide assortment of the world’s best footballers of the past & present with all players shown in action for either their club team and/or their national team.
  • ALL Memorabilia pieces are Match-Worn, with many coming directly from the player to GUARANTEE authenticity. Look for pieces of Jerseys, Shorts, Socks, Boots and even rarely foundShinguards & Gloves swatches.
  • ALL Flawless cards are #'d to 25 or less and each features anAuthentic Gem, Match-Worn Memorabilia Swatch and/or ON-CARD Autograph.
  • 2016 Panini Flawless Soccer delivers (2) Jewel Cards, (2)Memorabilia Cards and (6) Autographs in Every Box!
    • 2015-16 Flawless Soccer Jewel Base Cards - Feature thebest club and national teams in the world. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Paris Saint-Germain, as well asGermany, Argentina, England, and Brazil, are just some of the included teams.
      • ALL Base Cards will feature a REAL Diamond
        • Parallels - Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and evenLARGER Diamonds!
    • 2015-16 Flawless Soccer Memorabilia & Autographed Memorabilia Cards
      • Studs - Includes two actual studs from Match-Worn soccer boots from such stars as Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, & Miroslav Klose! - #'d to 10 or less!
      • Dual Patch Autographs - Two large Patches & ON-CARDAutograph. Look for stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Joe Hart & Luis Suarez!
      • Sole of the Game - Match-Worn shoe memorabilia paired with an ON-CARD Autograph. Featuring such stars as Lionel Messi. Steven Gerrard & Tim Howard!
      • Momentous Autograph Memorabilia - Two pieces ofMatch-Worn memorabilia and signed ON-CARD by some of the game's biggest names including Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard & Robin van Persie!
        • Parallels - Ruby, Gold, Emerald & Black
      • Tools of the Trade - Dual & Triple Versions are multi-swatch cards featuring different parts of a soccer uniform such as Jerseys, Shorts, Socks, Gloves & Boots. Look for players like Sergio Ramos, Bastion Scheinsteiger, Javier Mascherano & Robinho!
    • 2015-16 Flawless Soccer Autographed Cards
      • Flawless Finishes - Commemorates memorable goalsscored by great players, past and present such as Pele, Alan Shearer, James Rodriguez & Mario Gotze!
      • Legendary Signatures - Some of the most notable figures in soccer history including: Sir Bobby Charlton, Franz Beckenbauer, Roberto Baggio, Carlos Valderrama & Xavier Hernandez!
      • International Icons - Players both past and present who have excelled for their country; Pele, Jurgen Klinsmann, Hugo Sanchez, Lionel Messi, Mesut Ozil, Daniel Alves & Gianluigi Buffon!
        • Parallels - Ruby, Gold, Emerald & Black